Our services enable any third party ("verifier") to check, in real-time, to confirm the authenticity of an electronic document or certificate purportedly generated by one party ("issuer") and held or being used by another party ("holder").

For example, an university ("issuer") might produce a digital record of a student's academic results that, when presented by that student ("holder") with such record, a prospective employer ("verifier") would be able to instantly check whether it is genuine.

Our services make use of a cloud-based platform and applications -- including smartphone apps -- that interact with it. Our platform uses block-chain technology to store -- on a totally distributed, fragmented, secure and anonymous basis -- digital documents or certificates generated by "issuers" whose identities we have previously verified. Our applications enable such "issuers" as well as "holders" and "verifiers" to interact with this platform for uploading, viewing and/or confirming the accuracy of the stored digital documents or certificates.

To ensure that our services are trusted, we leverage on relationships with Certizen Limited -- an entity whose operations are governed by the laws of the Hong Kong SAR -- as well as regulatory authorities elsewhere if appropriate to ensure that only those "issuers" whose identities have been properly and regularly vetted would be able to upload electronic documents or certificates onto our platform.