【2024.03.25】GLEIF Welcomes Certizen Technology as Validation Agent

Certizen Technology becomes China’s second Validation Agent to bolster crossborder interoperability and drive further LEI adoption in the country

25 March, 2024 – Basel – The Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) today announces that Certizen Technology—a Hong Kong-based provider of digital identity and digital certificate solutions—has become the latest organization to be approved as a Validation Agent in the Global Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) System, following support from the Beijing National Institute of Financial Standardization Co., Ltd (NIFS).
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【2024.3.12】On March 12th, the founder and CEO, Ms. Eva Chan, of our company, along with the 全球溯源中心, held a strategic partnership signing ceremony in Nansha, Guangzhou. Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF)CEO Stephan Wolf, 大灣區醫療專業發展協會創會蕭英傑會長,北京國家金融標準化研究院李如林經理等參與簽約活動。南沙開發區党工委謝偉副書記見證簽約,南沙開發區政研室、南沙開發區港澳辦、南沙區市場監管局參加簽約活動。

This strategic partnership signing event is based on the infrastructure of the 全球溯源中心 to apply the Global Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) in order to enhance the credibility and security of digital identities in various domains, specifically in the applications of "溯源+LEI Cross-border Identity Verification." We face challenges in the existing identity authentication structure and aim to utilize advanced technology along with the legal frameworks of both regions. Our goal is to establish a system that aligns with the interests and requirements of all stakeholders and institutions, simplifying procedures and promoting cross-border interflow while ensuring data security and privacy.

We believe that this strategic partnership will bring tremendous opportunities and results for both regions. Together, we will create a secure, reliable, and efficient cross-border identity verification system, driving development between the two regions.
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【2023.12.21】魯港攜手 鏈接世界 | 魯港產業和人才交流會在香港隆重召開
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【2023.09.13】Fostering Cross-Border Connectivity in Mainland China and Facilitating Global Digital Identity Verification through Partnership at BIOHK2023

In support of Hong Kong's innovative technological landscape, the grand opening ceremony of BIOHK2023, one of Asia's largest international biotechnology conventions, took place on 13th September. Distinguished guests, including Leung Chun-ying, Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Sun Dong, Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and Yu Cheung-hoi, President of BIOHK2023, graced the occasion. Notably, both Sun and Yu paid a visit to the booth of Certizen Technology, a renowned global electronic trusted identity service provider.

Luo Xiaoqin, the Executive Director of the Organizing Committee of the Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Asia, and Chan Yuen Wah Eva, the CEO of Certizen Technology, are actively seeking collaboration opportunities. As part of the Boao Forum for Asia's 2023 annual conference, a dedicated sub-forum on "Enhancing Data Security" was held to facilitate insightful discussions on various aspects of data security. Eva Chan envisions leveraging Certizen's platform to ensure secure data interoperability.

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7月20日,深港金融創新論壇暨前海香港商會金融專業委員會成立, 深圳市翹晉科技榮幸成為前海香港商會金融專業委員會的執行委員之一 。 前海香港商會金融專業委員會的設立是希望幫助推動深港兩地金融業全面深化融合,促進兩地規則銜接,助力香港的金融創新、金融工具、金融交易能夠在前海落地。
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【2022.12.17】後疫情時代科創盛事,香港國際生物科技展2022 (BIOHK2022)將於 12 月 17日在香港會議展覽中心舉行
原文網址: 香港01
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【2022.12.08】Certizen Technology將會於香港國際生物科技展 BIOHK 2022參展(展位C02),透個此次機會是一個跟業界和高級管理層和投資者建立商業聯繫的絕佳機會。共同探討香港潛在的、無限的生物科技商機,並讓全球的業界人士建立聯繫的全球交流。
日期: 2022年12月14-17日
地點: 灣仔會展
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【2022.11.10】第二十四屆中國國際高新技術成果交易會「香港创科展區」,Certizen翘晋科技有限公司展示主研发的跨境电子合约签署平台,廣東省統一身份認證平台《飞签》,平台率先将大数据丶人工智能,区块链技术应用于数字身份领域,创新性融合国际 LEI 法人机构识别编码,以及香港為市民推行之“智方便”应用 ,提供个人与法人实名身份多维度认证渠道。《飞签》平台致力于解决跨境场景下各行业跨地域签约丶电子政务等问题, 构建智慧湾区可信认证标准体系,目前已集成「区块链可信认证服务」和「广东省统一身份认证平台」,确保了身份可验证,数据可追溯,信息防篡改和合法有效。
日期: 2022年11月15-19日
地點: 深圳會展中心
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