Enter the CERTIZEN Services Scope




On a decentralised basis using the latest internationally-recognised technologies and processes such as block-chain and legal entity identifiers ("LEIs")

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Locally as well as across borders leveraging on relationships developed over the years with similarly-focused multi-lateral as well as other national organisations or authorities.


The role of LEI is to identify the identity of entities in financial transactions, which is a set of 20 letters and numbers encoded according to ISO 17442 standard.LEI can provide transparency and security in identifying different financial institution units, achieving traceability of financial transactions.

Certificate Life Cycle Management

The "Certificate Life Cycle Management" (LCM) system integrates with the government recognized certification authority to automate the entire issuance process of e-Certs in compliance with legal requirements, and to maintain log of all records as required.

Hong Kong Intelligent Cashier (HKIC)

If the merchant is successfully verified, consumers can pay the merchant through "FPS". "Hong Kong Intelligent Cashier" can integrate more than 6 million "FPS" registered users with abundant service scenarios provided by merchant, which is a legal and safe bridge.

My Face Sign

The platform utilizes the latest facial recognition technology, big data, cloud storage, credit reference reports and document identification technologies to enhance the trustworthiness, legal protection, cost effectiveness and timeliness of remote signing in non-face-to-face situation. Blockchain technology is adopted to offer a way to securely and efficiently create a tamper-proof log of cryptographic-ally verifiable value of the signed electronic contract. As such, the platform can support arbitration under the legal jurisdiction of the two places.